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    Some Positive and Negative Aspects of Video Chat.

    Internet has eliminated distances making the world a smaller place, the facilities that are accessible from it can be engaging and knowledgeable making our life easier and comfortable. Communicating with other people is one of the important uses of internet and live video chat adds another dimension in this aspect, the ability to communicate with other people face to face is a remarkable thing.

    The use of a visual medium makes internet chat more clear and personal than communicating through text or audio, facial expressions and body language are essential parts of human communication and interaction, you can see how the other person reacts as well as you are able to understand better and clearly the messages that you receive from the other person through visual clues. The use of live video in chat rooms makes it quite difficult for someone to lie about his identity, it isn't uncommon in conventional text chat rooms to meet people who lie about things like their age or their gender. Therefore even if video chat doesn't eliminate every potential online risk you might encounter, and we have to stress that, it is a bit safer to use chat rooms that have this feature.

    One of the biggest risks you face when you chat with strangers through your webcam is the risk of being recorded while performing adult behaviors and you have to be aware of such danger before doing so in front of your cam. Although not everyone you meet on chat sites wants to harm you or take advantage of you, there is a possibility that you may get in contact with such a person.

    Live video chat is a great tool for communicating and socializing and as we do in our everyday life our common sense can keep us away from odd situations.