FieryDawne's activity timeline on Livejasmin from December 2018 to October 2019


December 2018

Total time online47:00:54
Total time of open sessions27:18:00
Total time of group sessions00:40:36
Total time of private sessions19:02:18
FieryDawne's percentages

January 2019

Total time online93:16:24
Total time of open sessions55:30:24
Total time of group sessions00:36:18
Total time of private sessions37:09:42
FieryDawne's percentages

February 2019

Total time online101:00:48
Total time of open sessions60:37:25
Total time of group sessions00:02:00
Total time of private sessions40:21:23
FieryDawne's percentages

March 2019

Total time online97:49:12
Total time of open sessions68:07:36
Total time of group sessions00:02:00
Total time of private sessions29:39:36
FieryDawne's percentages

April 2019

Total time online91:01:48
Total time of open sessions76:07:18
Total time of group sessions00:00:18
Total time of private sessions14:54:12
FieryDawne's percentages

May 2019

Total time online102:13:41
Total time of open sessions76:50:29
Total time of group sessions00:20:54
Total time of private sessions25:02:18
FieryDawne's percentages

June 2019

Total time online94:29:59
Total time of open sessions67:15:11
Total time of group sessions00:00:12
Total time of private sessions27:14:36
FieryDawne's percentages

July 2019

Total time online36:18:54
Total time of open sessions18:50:06
Total time of group sessions00:00:18
Total time of private sessions17:28:30
FieryDawne's percentages

August 2019

Total time online39:01:48
Total time of open sessions27:20:36
Total time of group sessions00:05:06
Total time of private sessions11:36:06
FieryDawne's percentages

September 2019

Total time online108:03:24
Total time of open sessions93:47:12
Total time of group sessions00:00:00
Total time of private sessions14:16:12
FieryDawne's percentages

October 2019

Total time online90:25:18
Total time of open sessions78:22:18
Total time of group sessions00:00:54
Total time of private sessions12:02:06
FieryDawne's percentages

FieryDawne is a model of Livejasmin since December 2018

She has been active for 11 months, from December 2018 to October 2019 and she has spend 900:42:10 hours online in total, out of which 248:46:59 in private live shows, that is like 1 month online and 1 week and 3 days in private webcam shows.

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