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  • Chathost of the day: Raluna

    Chathost of the day is Raluna

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  • Some Positive and Negative Aspects of Video Chat.

    Internet has eliminated distances making the world a smaller place, the facilities that are accessible from it can be engaging and knowledgeable making our life easier and comfortable. Communicating with other people is one of the important uses of internet and live video chat adds another dimension in this aspect, the ability to communicate with other people face to face is a remarkable thing.

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  • Chathost of the day: MeganLive

    Our Chathost of the day is MeganLive.

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  • About online activity statistics

    Online activity statistics is a feature that Camroster has and most of our members consider it to be a valuable resource for them. Chat hosts and chat room operators use the statistics to get a picture of their chat activity and see how they have utilized their online time. Frequent chat room users and visitors are able to see the time patterns of online presence of chat rooms and arrange their own schedule.Continue reading →
  • CamRoster is up!

    CamRoster is up and every day we add new functionality, new resources and new options, our aim is to make this site a reference for chat room operators and members.Continue reading →