DanielaSanchez's activity timeline on Livejasmin from March 2021 to May 2021


March 2021

Total time online121:09:31
Total time of open sessions99:53:46
Total time of group sessions08:43:24
Total time of private sessions12:32:21
DanielaSanchez's percentages

April 2021

Total time online98:58:11
Total time of open sessions75:54:21
Total time of group sessions09:54:48
Total time of private sessions13:09:02
DanielaSanchez's percentages

May 2021

Total time online11:05:08
Total time of open sessions08:17:24
Total time of group sessions01:45:32
Total time of private sessions01:02:12
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DanielaSanchez is a model of Livejasmin since March 2021

She has been active for 3 months, from March 2021 to May 2021 and she has spend 231:12:50 hours online in total, out of which 26:43:35 in private live shows, that is like 1 week and 2 days online and 1 day and 2 hours in private webcam shows.

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